Friday, September 01, 2023

This evening, our volunteers were dispatched for the motor vehicle rollover and possibly on fire. Updated information reported the 2 individuals out of the vehicle with it on fire. Phoenix fire was staffed in-house and was quickly added to the alarm. Car 4 (AC Natoli) arrived with a vehicle fire and had conflicting information of people possibly still inside the vehicle and started suppression activities. Car 3 (AC Belczak) and Car 4 attempted a search of the vehicle while Phoenix E11 and RP3 (Past Chief T. DiGregorio) performed suppression and started gaining access to parts of the vehicle. The fire was quickly knocked down and all searches of the vehicle and surroundings proved negative. Car 1 (Chief McIntyre), Car 2 (DC O'Kelly), E11 (Lt. Vanderwater), E21 (FF Harper) and SQ1 (FF Hansel) assisted onscene companies with stabilization and hazards.

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