Our organization is made up of %100 Volunteers and we are always accepting new members to provide high level service to our community!


Want a pension, clothing, discounts to area stores, and more, feel free to ask.  We're always happy to share what it's like to be a member of a great organization.
We're always looking for dedicated, community-oriented individuals with a passion and drive to serve and protect those working, visiting or living in the Greater Baldwinsville area.  Experience is not needed as we will provide each member with the tools and training necessary to be safe and effective.  We have many different types of membership available including:
LEVEL 1:  Interior, structural firefighters that go inside structures/buildings to extinguish fires.
LEVEL 2:  Exterior, non-structural firefighters that primarily work outside the structure/building with support type functions.
LEVEL 3:  Emergency medical response (EMT), light vehicle driver/operators, and fire police.
LEVEL 4:  Non-operational support personnel.  As you can imagine, their is quite a bit of work needed to maintain a volunteer organization, let alone one that provides emergency response.  This level allows for accountants, finance, cleaning, administrative, as well as a host of other non-operational duties to join and provide those non-operational duties to the organization.


QUESTIONS or TO JOIN = please email information@baldwinsvillefire.org and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.