Friday, December 04, 2020

At 0004hrs on 12/3/20 Baldwinsville was activated for a possible residential fire in the Station 2 response area of it first due. Northwest District Chief Baldwinsville Car 1 (J. Roziock), Baldwinsville Assistant a Chiefs Car 3 & 4 (Natoli & O’Kelly) responded along with first due apparatus Baldwinsville Ladder 2 (FF Burke), Truck 1 (Capt. Cantello), and Engine 7 (Lt. Cope), Ladder 3 (Capt. Belczak). Crews from Ladder 2 and Truck 1 entered the structure with Cars 3 & 4 to find a minor smoke condition throughout the residence. Firefighters investigated to find a condensation pump from a furnace that burnt out and melted within itself. Crews ventilated the remaining smoke from the residence and cleared about 30 minutes later. Also on the box was Lysander, Lakeside, and Liverpool fire districts


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