Monday, July 20, 2020

On 7/20/20 at 0037 hours Baldwinsville was requested to respond mutual aide to Liverpool Fire Station 1 with Truck 3 (Capt. Cantello) to stand by on their floor while they were on a second alarm apartment fire at the covered bridge apartments. While standing by at at Liverpool Station 1 Liverpool command requested Baldwinsville T-3 to respond to the scene and assit with overhaul as well as assisting some of the dispalced residence to get their personal belongings. 

Just as T-3 was getting ready to return to service at 0324 hours Sence River Fire Station 1 called into Onondaga County Fire Control a signal 99 house fire across from their station on Hayes Rd. Liverpool command released T-3 from their scene and T-3 (Capt. Cantello) along with Engine 5 (Capt. Belczak) responed to the alarm. T-3 crew arrived third due and was instructed to strech an attack line to the front door and assit with fire suspression efforts. Baldwinsville E-5 crew assisted with opening up the exteror of the structure to make it easier to supress the bulk of the fire. Both T-3 and E-5 crews also assisted with overhaul and clean up of the fire scene as well prior to clearing and returning to service. 

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