Sunday, July 05, 2020

On 7/5/20 at 1734 the Baldwinsville Fire Department was dispatced to a reported Signal 80 with the 911 caller reporting a vehcile that went speeding by them had lost control went off the road and hit a barrier. The caller also reported that the single occupant was bleeding from their head. Shortly after dispatch Baldwinsville Car 1 (Northwest District Chief J. G. Roziock), Baldwinsville Car 3 (Assistant Chief Natoli), and Baldwinsville Car 4 (Assistant Chief O'Kelly) arrived and confirmed the disaptch of a single vehicle off the road with heavy damage but into a tree not a barrier reporting that there will be one patient to extricate from the heavily damaged vehicle. Baldwinsville E-7 (Capt. Cantello) and Squad 2 (FF Burke arrived at the same time and and quickly began to prep the vehcile for extrication by stabilizing the vehicle with shoring and struts to be sure it did not move. While the crews from E-7 and Sq-2 were working the driver of E-7 deployed a hand line and charged it with water due to a gasoline leak that was also coming from the vehicle. Ladder 3 (Lt. DiGregorio) arrived third due followed by Squad 3 (FF Organski) whos crews quickly jumped in and asisted the inital units with stabilization, extrication, patient care and patient removal efforts. The Lakeside Fire District and their heavy rescue was also requested to the scene by Baldwinsville command to assit if needed. From the time of dispatch crews had the patient extricated from the vehicle and in the back of a Greater Baldwinsville Ambulance Core (G.B.A.C.) ambulance and on the way to the hospital within 20 minutes. A job well done by all involved. 




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