Friday, July 20, 2018

On 7/19/18 the Baldwisnville Fire Department was dispatched to the area of 7895 W. Dead Creek Rd. or the Van Buren Highway Garage for a repoted outdoor fire. Caller reported lots black of smoke comming from behind the building but did not see any flames. Car 1 (Perkins), Car 2 (J. G. Roziock), Car 4 (K. DiGregorio) responded to the area behind the highway garage and upon arrival had nothing showing. After a quick investigation of the area Cars 2 and 4 found a dirt path near the highway garage and continued their investiagtion on the path to find a camper that had been on fire. Baldwinsville E-8 (Vanderwater), Sq-3 (Catalino), and E-4 (A. DiGregorio) responded to extinguish the fire. Due to the size of the path the E-8 and E-4 were unable to drive to the area where the fire was located. Sq-3 which is equiped with a smaller water tank and outdoor fire hose was able to get to the area of the fire and help extinguish what was left of the camper. E-8 and E-4 stood by on scene to assist with refilling Sq-3s water tank when needed. County Sherriffs as well as a Fire Investigator and County Coordinator also were present at the scene.  Units were back in service about an hour and a half after the call came in.


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